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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a seam visible on one tooth of timing belts?

  • This seam is created during production in the head area of the tooth and can appear several times on a timing belt depending on the timing belt size. However the seam does not limit function on timing belts and is purely optical.

2. Which standard products exist? Are they available from stock?

  • At the start of sales there will be 15 sizes available, each in 4 standard widths. These standard widths are 12 / 21 / 36 / 62mm. The available timing belt lengths are 640 / 720 / 800 / 896 / 960 / 1000 / 1040 / 1120 / 1200 / 1224 / 1280 / 1440 / 1600 / 1760 / 1792 / 2240 / 2400 / 2520 / 3200mm.

  • All timing belts are available from stock.

3. Can I also buy timing belt widths that differ from the standard? What are the conditions?

  • Yes, timing belt widths different from the standard are also available on request from quantities of 1.

4. Will optibelt also produce matching toothed pulleys for the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belts?

  • Yes, appropriate timing belt pulleys for optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon of the optibelt ZRS DC type are available from stock.

5. Which toothed pulleys do the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belt run in?

  • The optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belts run in toothed pulleys of the types ZRS DC, PC (GATES) and CTD (Contitech).

6. How will the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belts be delivered?

  • optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon is being supplied in the first sales phase exclusively as a single belt in a special individual package (cardboard box). Sleeves are not available.

  • optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon is very sensitive to bending because of its carbon cord. The individual packaging in the carton offers optimum protection for storage and transport.

  • We have decided on visually attractive packaging for the standard sizes in order to emphasize the high quality of the product, to provide technical advice and also to advertise the timing belt pulleys. The look of the packaging is also in line with our documentation and other advertising concepts.

7. Where can I find the performance values for optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belts?

  • Performance values and other technical information can be found in the technical handbook for optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon.

      Download Technical Manual

8. Can optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon be calculated using CAP?

  • optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon is integrated in CAP 6.5 for timing belt calculations.
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